We fling them into bags. Stuff them in our pockets. Some of us even lose them every ten minutes. Our glasses go through a lot, and so when they gather dust, dirt and fingerprints – it’s not a surprise. 

A little wear and tear is expected when we’ve had our glasses for a long time. But by cleaning your glasses regularly and properly, not only will they last longer, but more importantly, your vision is also kept clear and focussed. 

And when we say cleaning, we don’t mean a quick wipe on the corner of your t-shirt or shirt sleeve. Glass lenses are incredibly delicate, and even with protective coatings, dust and dirt particles trapped in fabric can cause fine scratches on their surface. Whilst paper towels and tissues can be more convenient, they can also leave dust particles on your lenses, causing further risk of scratching. 

With FINGERPRINTS you can spray, wipe and move on. Our premium grade microfibre cleaning cloth is lint, dust and fingerprint repellent, meaning it’s ideal for cleaning all types of lenses, including multi-coated. Use with our anti-fogging cleaning spray for streak-free vision. Our formula was developed by specialist chemists, and is designed to repel dirt and dust particles, so you can always see the world clearly.

Just spray FINGERPRINTS on each side of your lenses, and wipe away with our cleaning cloth. No more distracting smudges and smears. No risks of scratches and damage.