Remember that small cleaning cloth that came with your glasses? Let us ask you, do you know where it is now? Probably not. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t notice you’d lost it. 

There’s a reason that most frames you buy come with a cleaning cloth. When you use your glasses every day, or even a few times a week, dust, dirt and fingerprints will naturally build up on the lenses over time. And even though the corner of your t-shirt, your scarf, or a paper towel may seem like the same as a small piece of microfibre, trust us – it’s not. 

What’s the harm in cleaning my glasses with my shirt sleeve?

By using your t-shirt, shirt sleeve, or tea towel, paper towel or scarf to clean your lenses, you risk leaving either visible or micro-scratches on their surface. Unlike microfibre which is tightly woven, the weave on many of these other fabrics is much looser, and thus often harbours dirt and dust particles which, when used to wipe your lenses, can cause scratches.

Do scratch, smudged glasses impact your vision?

Whilst scratches on your lenses do not have a directly adverse effect on your eye health, there are potential side effects of using scratched, dirty glasses. Constantly looking through scratched and smudged glasses can be distracting for your gaze, causing blurring and disruption to your focus. 

This added pressure on your eye’s ability to focus can sometimes lead to eye strain, dizziness and headaches – all of which can be avoided by regular and proper cleaning of your lenses.

So what should I use to clean my glasses?

Microfibre is a tightly woven fabric designed to pull dirt from surfaces. Unlike your t-shirt or sleeve which most likely contains dust or dirt particles and leaves cotton fibres on your lenses (which can lead to scratching), FINGERPRINTS microfibre cleaning cloth is lint free, making it the ideal fabric for lens cleaning. 

Used with our antibacterial, anti-fog, dirt, dust and fingerprints repellant cleaning spray, you can get the most out of your premium lenses. They’ll stay in great condition for longer and more importantly, they won’t affect your vision.